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Personality | What is personality

what is personality

Which personality do you need?What type of  personality have you needed to lead?
Today I will give you the complete solution of it. Lets start to read.

What is personality?

I think there are many kind of personality.  But everybody never can be same personalities people. Thus there is a groups of people who can be same parsonality. Personality is a great thing beacause personality shows who you are it shows what is your character. And mainly everybody want and like and love the good personalities people.

Package of personality

I think personality is like package.  And Personality show to you -who are you,what are you, where are you, why are you, how are you beacause personality is like a package. And that package like Sim card package,computer package, mobile package. Such as a sim card package never  give you all type of offer beacause its have some limitation.  A computer who never give you all type of advantages beacause there are deferent type of computer. A mobile never can be satisfy you beacause a mobile is deferent from others mobile. I am surely hope that  Its all of example  you understand. Now the metter is the same thing about human being personality. The world is so far. and there lives many people. and they have their own personality. which is never same like,  anyone to another. In this world live many people. that like, there are many types of personality. but i can't explain today all of personality. But as a human being i explain what type of personality you have to lead.

What kind of personality have you needed to lead?
You must have include these system in your personality if you don't have and if you already have so its superb --

Respect is a great thing in a personality. Never less your respect power. If you have not respect in your personality. So, you must have to include this. You have to respect both of your Elders and Younger. You have to archive every bodies love. Your talking style must be soft. You have to be carefull about all. This is a good personalities people characteristic.

Your Attitude have to be positive always. but you have to think also negative when you are alone. And you have no rights to talk about others this is not fair. If you have those capacity  so you take step to change them but you don't have any capacity to change so you don't have any right to talk about this.  You must have to silent this time. What is your attitude about your favourite public? What is your attitude about your parents?  You must have to be this attitude about anyothers. This is one of most important things in a personality.

You have to trust Allah always then Yourself. Never depend on other.  Nobody want your good life. Everyone is selfish you must have to believe this. I advice you.  trust Yourself  -wherever you are. Never be include bad manner and bad behavior in your personality. You have to be a power house of waiting.

Thinking systemetically
Thinking is most important thing in a personality. If you don't know how to think, what to think, where to think, when to think,  why to think so you have to know those things. Beacause thinking is a power of a personality. I suggest you  one thing, you have to think about die, think about your plan, think about a word like - Do,wait,go, No, Yes etc. You have to maintain your life by thinking. If you don't have so you have to include.

Understanding capacity must include in your personality. A good understanding people  never misunderstand anyone. Seriousness is the center point of Understanding. If you want to understand others so you have to be serious. Without seriousness you can't understand everything. Life is not funny but need fun but not always.  So be serious about your life and your Personality.

Working System
You have to be punctual. Beacause  "Time and tide wait for non" so work time to time. Otherwise you less your system. When you faced a problem you need help so you have to want help or solve your own style without wanting any help. "But you must have to help  who want help to you". <-- A good personalities people think about this sentence. And find the meaning of this.  But today i explain beacause it is your understanding knowledge you have to "earn" more knowledge.  By the way the meaning of this sentence is everyone want help to you when you know the solution of that problem but if you don't know the solution then nobody comes to want help to you. It is your thinking system.

Work for your personality.  Never be hopeless beacause failure is the pilar of success.

  Judgment system 
 Do you know who is the biggest judge?

The biggest judge is Allah. There is no judge like Allah. Only Allah give us the best Justice. But in the world when you are a judge so to be honest you have to judge very carefully. And the judgment  always be on Truth.

Motivating System
If you know how to motivate people so you can motivate anyone. But you never motivate like - Nobody knows like you. its your mistake beacause Everybody have their own capacity and knowledge. You don't show up yourself like you know everything. Always be good and lovely.

 Leading system
Placement of your Life Personality

1. Allah

2. Parents

3. Family

4. Wife

5. Neighbours

6. Relatives

7. Anyone

Always try to  be good behave with yourself. Self respect is a package of  Personality.

You have to live your life thats why you have to  lead yourself. You must  have to know who are you?  What can you do and what can't you?  You have to learn what you can't do. But at first you have to choose your future. What is your dream?  Selet your own dream and just go ahead.  Work for it.

But must follow the instruction. You will success.

√Never be Heartless
√Never be Mindless
√Never be Shameless
√Never be Uneducated
√Never be Mannerless
√Never be Attitudeless
√Never be Impatient
√Never be Ungratefull

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