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Types of words in English|How many types of words in English|Types of words


Types of words in English|How many types of words in English|Types of words

There are two types of words:

1. Single Word

2. A group of words

Example of some Single word:
Help (সাহায্য করা), Like (পছন্দ করা), Education (শিক্ষা), Fun (মজা করা), Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ) etc.

Example of some Groups of Words:
Take care of (যত্ন নেওয়া), Now and Then (মাঝে মাঝে), In response to (উত্তরে), In the guise of (ছদ্দবেশে), In season and out of Season (সময়ে অসময়ে), Let alone (মোটেই না), etc.
 [Note: A groups of words called Phrase]
Example of Some single and groups of words used in a sentence

1. The boy helps the poor people here we see that sentence has six words and these six words we found in different parts of speech.
   The- is an article, Boy is a Noun, Helps is a Verb, Poor is an Adjective, People is a Noun. There is a Phrase that's called Noun Phrase- The poor people.

   Why "The poor people" are called None Phrase?

   এখানে The poor people ৩ টা শব্দ দ্বারা এক দল গরিব মানুষকে নির্দেশ করছে সে জন্য The poor people এখানে  Noun phrase

2. The students from the classrooms at the end of the hall are very noisy.
   The is an Article, Students are Noun, From is a preposition, Classrooms are Noun, At is a Preposition, End is a Noun, Hall is a Noun, Are is a Verb, Very is an Adverb, Noisy is an Adverb.
   There is more than one phrase in this sentence. The students- Noun Phrase, From the Classrooms- Prepositional Phrase, At the End- Prepositional Phrase, Of the hall- Prepositional Phrase.

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||Types of words in English||

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I think you understood the single word and a group of words. Now I am going to tell you about Single Word.
How many types of Single Word?
Each of the single words is a part of Parts of Speech. We found each of the single words in Parts of Speech. In fact, we say Parts of speech is Identification each of a single word.
There are eight kinds of Parts of Speech.
Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection. A single word might contain in these eight parts of speech Room or Box.

If you want to know more About Parts of Speech So you Can Read another article. The link is given below.
      Parts of Speech

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